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JSON Parsing in Swift 4
Posting from my new iPad
JSON Feed for TrozWare
Blackmail Marketing
NCSS 2017


Looking for beta testers
Another Man Reader Update...
Man Reader Update
How much work does Icon Builder save you?
Dice Pass Updated
Retiring old apps
Man Reader updated to 1.6
Dice Pass Mac Update
Learning Swift - Sets
19th Hole Golf Scorer 3.1
My Year With Apple Watch
How To Confuse TestFlight
What Is My Speed?
Road Trip Apps
Structs vs Classes
Learning Swift - For-Loops
Learning Swift - Generics
Singleton to Protocol
Three Rules for Writing Better Swift
Configuring Xcode
How do I start to learn Swift?
Learning Swift - Optionals
Why is Swift so great?
Icon Builder 3.2 Released
New Twitter account
Learning Swift - An Introduction
Possible issues with Icon Builder & Watch icons
Man Reader 1.5


Using 19th Hole on the Apple Watch
Dice Pass for Mac
Dice Pass
Apple Watch First Impressions
Time In Words 4.0
Apple Watch App - Rejected, then Accepted
My First Apple Watch App
LiveCode stacks
Icon Builder 3.0.1
App Store Preview Videos
19th Hole
Testing automation
Workflow for writing a post
New Site for TrozWare
World Time In Words


Man Reader 1.4 Now Available
Email clients for Mac & iOS


Berio Sequenza VII
Berio’s Sequenza VII
Icon Builder & iOS 7
Icon apps updated
A Knight’s Move 1.3
Sand-Boxing Man Reader
Man Reader (no SB)
Icns Maker & Icon Builder updated
Icon Makers & Retina Macs


Icon makers for Mac & iOS apps
App Store Review Times
A Knight’s Move updates
Icon Builder
Icns Maker
Updating apps for iPhone 5
A Knight’s Move for iOS 1.1
Man Reader 1.1 Released
Sandboxing and the Mac App Store
Update to Time In Words screen saver
A Knight’s Move Released
A Knight’s Move
Easy access to the Library folder
Pic-a-POD 2.0.4 for Mac
Man Reader update coming soon
Making a Mac Screen Saver
Man Reader
Time In Words Screen Saver
Support for older operating systems
Time In Words & the new iPad
iPhone 4 Home Button
Time In Words for Mac now available
World Time In Words for Mac
Scroll bars in Mac OX 10.6 and 10.7
Interface options for selecting time zones
Time In Words available in the App Store
Time In Words for iOS