JSON Parsing in Swift 4

Parsing JSON in Swift 4 is now much easier than before and dozens of Swift 3 JSON libraries have just been sherlocked.

Posting from my new iPad

As the proud owner of a new 10.5 inch iPad Pro, I am exploring how to create blog posts while away from my Mac.

JSON Feed for TrozWare

Today I have replaced the RSS feed for this site with a JSON feed.

Blackmail Marketing

I use my iPad to play games as a form of relaxation. Nearly all the games I play are puzzle apps with levels that can be played in a few minutes. Nearly all of them are free to install. So how do they make money?

NCSS 2017

I gave a Masterclass on Swift at the NCSS Summer School 2017 in Sydney on 8th January. This post contains useful links for use during and after my class.