Swift Strings Helper

Hands up everyone who can remember how to work with Swift strings, especially when it comes to substrings and ranges? ….


Me neither. So I decided that I would work it out once and create myself a library to make it easy for myself in the future. And then I thought that other people might like it too. So I have created my first open sourced project.

Functional Programming in Swift

What is Functional Programming and how can we use it in Swift?

Search online for any definition of functional programming and you will find many different definitions, few of which are practically helpful. I have no claim to be an expert, but as a Swift enthusiast, this is what I have distilled out of the morass.

World Time in Words iOS Update

Its been a long time since the last update to Time In Words for iOS but after prompting by Apple (update or we will remove it from the App Store), I finally did it. I was never really happy with the last design of Time in Words for iOS, particularly for the iPad, so this was a good opportunity to do a complete re-design, bringing the app more into alignment with its Mac counterpart. And it got a new name to match its new direction and is now called World Time in Words.

Privacy Policy

TL;DR: I don’t track you either on my web site or through my apps. If you want to contact me, please do so but I will not initiate any contacts.

App Updates

Just a quick post to let you know about some recent app updates…

Consistent Swift Style

  • Why is important to style your code?
  • How do you decide on a style?
  • Is there a way to enforce this style automatically?

NCSS 2018

I gave a Masterclass on Swift at the NCSS Summer School 2018 in the University of Sydney on 9th January 2018. This post contains useful links for use in relation to the material covered during my class.

Mark Time

Mark Time is an application for Celestial Navigation that solves the problem of how to take an accurate time reading to go with each sextant sighting. Here is how it was developed…

Moving to Hugo

Yesterday, I came to update my blog: I had a new post in draft form and I wanted to update the Swift code to version 4. However installing High Sierra had removed Jekyll which is the site generator that I had been using. I re-installed Jekyll but found that it had been updated from version 2 to version 3.