As we round out the year, there are several new addresses I’d like people to use to contact me or get my book.

First, has re-branded to Kodeco. Still the same great content created by terrific people, but with a fresh new design that makes it easier to follow the learning path that you prefer.

If you want to read my macOS by Tutorials book, it’s now at

Book Cover

As we all know, Twitter is in meltdown and I no longer use it. I’d love it if you came over to Mastodon. People on Mastodon are friendly and sharing. It feels much more like a community.

Movetodon is a great tool for finding your Twitter friends on Mastodon and is a useful site for learning how to use Mastodon effectively.

My suggestions are:

  • Be nice!
  • Don’t stress about choosing a server, you can follow anyone from any server and you can transfer your account to a different server if you change your mind.
  • Follow hashtags as well as people, and add hashtags to your posts.
  • Use Favorite to tell people you liked their post and Boost to share with your followers.
  • Add hashtags using UpperCamelCase to assist screen readers e.g. #AdventOfCode, not #adventofcode.
  • Follow me: @[email protected]

I look forward to seeing you there.

I’ve added a Mastodon link to my web footer, but I also created a LinkTree to gather all my links into one place.

And finally, if you want to support my work, please buy me a coffee.