UPDATE: September 2016 - A Knight’s Move for iOS is no longer available. A Knight’s Move for Mac is still supported.

A Knight’s Move for iPad & iPhone has just been updated to version 1.1

There were some minor changes:

  • New puzzle pack: Majestic.
  • iPhone now shows an info button of there is more help available for a particular puzzle. (This info was already visible in the iPad version.)
  • Minor cosmetic fixes.

The big change was that all puzzles packs are now included in the free app, which is now supported by iAds. The sale of puzzle packs via in-app purchasing was disappointing, so I have decided to try using iAds instead. Hopefully they will not feel too intrusive, but if you want to support my apps, please tap on a few of the ads.

Note that iAds will not appear in all countries. You may just see a banner linking you to my other apps on the iPad. On iPhone, you will not see anything different.