A Knight’s Move is a puzzle game where you have to move your knight across a board to a target square using the same movements as a knight in chess. Pawns may block your way, while enemy bishops, castles, knights and the queen may try to stop you.

UPDATE: Version 1.3 for Mac now available.

A Knight's Move for Mac

Get from the starting position to the target in the shortest possible number of moves. Score stars based on the moves taken. If you need help, take a one star penalty to show all possible moves. If you really get stuck, after several tries the Cheat button allows you to see a solution, although that will cost you all your stars.

A Knight's Move for Mac

Choose your preferred board and chess pieces.

A Knight's Move Preferences


Q. Does the time I take to solve a puzzle count against me?
**A. **No - the number of stars you get depends solely on the number of moves taken.

Q. Are there any penalties for using Undo or Restart?
**A. **No - both Undo and Restart wind back the number of moves, so are not counted towards your final number of moves.

Q. What are the best techniques for solving a large puzzle?
A. Sometimes it is easier to work backwards. Work out which squares get you to the target safely and see if you can work out how to get to one of them. Another technique is to check all the possible moves and see how many can be eliminated because of danger or because they don’t lead anywhere except back to where you started. Just remember that trying and failing doesn’t count against you, so give it a go.

Q. What if I need help with a puzzle?
A. The first way to get help is to turn on “Show Moves”. This puts green circles on any square that your White Knight can reach next move. It does not indicate whether these squares are safe, but just shows you all legal moves. This option costs you a one star penalty but you can always do the puzzle again to try for three stars.

Q. What if I think a puzzle is completely impossible?
A. All the puzzles have at least one solution. If you have tried and tried, using Restart or being captured at least 5 times, the Cheat button will become available. Using the Cheat button will show you a possible solution but will mean that you can never get any stars for that puzzle.

Q. You’re kidding, right? No stars… ever… just because I cheated?
A. OK, I’m kidding, but the way out of this is deliberately hidden and inconvenient. If you go to Settings or Preferences, you can reset all the game scores which clears all records of stars won so far, allowing you to restart completely. If you reset the scores three times in a row, this will also clear all records of cheating.

Q. I think I solved a puzzle in fewer moves than the minimum moves shown.
A. Great! Please take a screen shot of the puzzle and annotate it to show your moves. Email it in to [email protected] so that I can edit the puzzle for the next update.