WoW Stats

Do you play World of Warcraft?

Have you ever agonised over a new piece of gear - are those stats better or worse for my class and specialization?

Is your computer festooned with sticky notes reminding you that your prot pally needs haste over mastery but the enhancement shaman needs agility?

Get rid of the notes and use the WoW Stats app instead.

WoW Stats in the App Store

Data comes from Noxxic and is updated automatically with each new patch.

And you can follow the direct links to the pages for your class and spec on Noxxic or Icy Veins for more info from within the app.

WoW Stats

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Yes, my main is a Beast Master Hunter - Axelady on Khaz’goroth if anyone wants to say hello. And if you have to ask why a hunter is called Axelady, you haven’t been a hunter for as long as I have!