Mark Time is now available now from the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad as an assistant for celestial navigators.

Mark Time is an application for Celestial Navigation that solves the problem of how to take an accurate time reading to go with each sextant sighting.

By simply tapping the screen you can record the exact time UTC as you take your sight, so you have no chance of making an error with the conversion, and this time is stored in one of five registers.

Mark Time

Very useful when you have an assistant, and ideal for taking readings when you are on your own.

As you record a time you hear a confirmation sound and feel a vibration, so there is no need even to look at the screen. In addition the actual latitude and longitude at each time can be accessed later to verify your calculations. These options are all configurable in Settings to suit your own preferences.

Mark Time

Location permissions: On startup, the app will request permission to access your location. This is how the latitude and longitude data is gathered to provide this data if you wish.

Support: If you have any questions about this app, please use the Contact link above to get in touch.