Not much action on the site lately as I work on other projects. But I have finally got around to adding a search option to the site.

I use Hugo as a static site generator, which is great but Hugo doesn’t come with any search facility.

Today, I read an article by Jesse Squires on Replacing Google Search with DuckDuckGo and while I had already switched to using DuckDuckGo for my own web searching, I had not considered it for my site search.

It isn’t as good as an in-built search page, which I have considered setting up using Algolia, but that requires a lot of setup and I never got round to it. This search takes you out of my site and into a DuckDuckGo page, but it limits the search options to the domain.

To access the search, go to either the Archives or the Tags page, and use the search field at the top of the page.

As a side note, if you are using DuckDuckGo as your regular search engine, read up about their !bangs. These are quick and easy ways to target your search. you can prefix your search with !so to search Stack Overflow, or !i to search for images. Search the !bangs page to find the ones that are useful to you.