TL;DR: I don’t track you either on my web site or through my apps. If you want to contact me, please do so but I will not initiate any contacts.

As anyone who gets email would realise by now, the EU has introduced a General Data Protection Regulation designed to enhance online privacy. You will have been getting lots of emails announcing new privacy policies or asking you to opt-in to existing arrangements.

So here is my version of those emails (which you will not get by email because I do not store any user data):

  • None of my apps store data off your device.
  • I do not have any user data except for data specifically sent to me via web forms, direct email or in-app email.
  • If you have signed up to beta test one of my apps, you did give me your email address. No tests are currently on-going, but please contact me if you would rather I removed you from any future beta tests.
  • My web sites are now totally free of trackers and analytics software.

Most of my apps have a “Contact the Developer” button that creates an email that I will answer. If you do not want me to have your name and email address, do not use these buttons.

My web site has a contact page - if you use it, I will see your name and email address and I will respond. Again, if you do not want me to have this data, do not use this page.

Since I no longer have any analytics, I would really appreciate hearing if you find any of my posts useful or interesting.