Man Reader has been updated to version 1.6 with the permissions needed for finding all available man pages and a fix for search terms being over-written after a background update.

Man Reader 1.6 is now available through the Mac App Store.

Change Log:

  • Permissions fix when searching for available man pages.
  • Fixed error with new search term being over-written.
  • Sand-boxed version now works just as well as the non-sand-boxed so please switch back to this version.

This version fixes a problem with sand-boxing permissions potentially not allowing access to all the installed man pages on your system. This should now be fixed but if you discover any man pages that are available through Terminal but not through Man Read, please email me the details and help me make Man Reader better.

There was also an issue with a previous search being restored after a background update, even if a new search term had been entered. This has been fixed.

If you previously had downloaded the Man Reader (no SB) version of the app from this site, please revert to the App Store version which you would have needed to have bought in order to use the downloaded app. If you bought the app from Paddle, contact me and I will transfer you to the App Store version. Neither of these other versions will be supported or updated any more.