Man Reader has just been updated to version 1.7 and is available through the Mac App Store.

The main reason for this update was to make the app work well with macOS Sierra, as I found that version 1.6 was sometimes crashing on launch. While doing this, the update was rejected by the App Store reviewers because it crashed on OS X 10.10. Since I no longer have a Mac running 10.10, I decided to set the minimum supported system version to OS X 10.11. If you need support for older versions, you should still be able to download version 1.6 which will work back to 10.7.

I also took the opportunity to fix some graphical issues, dealing with different color schemes:

  • The man page list now shows alternating colors even when not using the default scheme.
  • When scrolling the man pages past the top or the bottom with a non-white background, you should no longer see white blocks top & bottom.