Man Reader has been updated to version 1.5 with a major improvement in the way it looks for available man pages.

Man Reader 1.5 is now available through the Mac App Store.

Change Log:

  • Much improved searching for available man pages.
  • Sand-boxed version now works just as well as the non-sand-boxed.

The main feature of this version is that it solves the previous problems with the App Store version and sand-boxing. This was restricting the number of man pages listed in Man Reader so I had to release a non-sand-boxed version of the app to allow for full functionality.

However I discovered that although this gave better results, it was still missing a lot of man pages. Version 1.5 now queries the man page files in a completely different way which is listing many more man pages.

If you previously had downloaded the Man Reader (no SB) version of the app from this site, please revert to the App Store version which you would have needed to have bought in order to use the downloaded app. If you bought the app from Paddle, contact me and I will transfer you to the App Store version. Neither of these other versions will be supported or updated any more.