These instructions are no longer valid. As of version 1.5, the App Store version of Man Reader has solved the sand-boxing issues and is now as powerful as the non-sand-boxed version.

The non-sand-boxed version will no longer be supported or updated, so please revert to the App Store version.

If you find that Man Reader is not working well for you due to Apple’s sandboxing restrictions, then you can download a non-sandboxed version here. To find out more about this, including how to test if you are affected, read the Sand-Boxing Man Reader page.

The non-sandboxed version will only work if you have the App Store version of Man Reader already installed.

When you run ‘Man Reader (no SB)’ for the first time, it will check to see if you have a valid installation of ‘Man Reader’ that you have purchased from the App Store.
If you do not, ‘Man Reader (no SB)’ will offer to take you to the App Store and then quit.

If you already own the App Store version of Man Reader and ‘Man Reader (no SB)’ has started once, you can delete the App Store version and ‘Man Reader (no SB)’ will keep working.

To install ‘Man Reader (no SB)’, click the download link below. This will download ‘’. Double-click on this file to un-zip it, and then move the ‘Man Reader (no SB).app’ into your Applications folder and use as normal. Do not delete the App Store version of Man Reader until ‘Man Reader (no SB)’ has been run at least once.

Download Man Reader (no SB)

I found out today (thanks Ron) that under OS X 10.10.3 the security settings no longer allow the downloaded version of Man Reader (no SB) to run, despite the fact that I have signed it with my Apple Developer ID. OS X gives a very un-helpful dialog reporting that the app is damaged. In fact the app is fine, but being blocked by the security settings. The solution as shown at TechRecipes is to change your security system preferences to allow downloaded apps from anywhere. You only need to do this temporarily as after you have run the app once you can set this setting back to whatever you had before.