So my latest app is way outside my usual sphere but that’s what happens when family decide that what you do might actually be useful!

My son is an oboist and he is currently learning Berio’s Sequenza VII for Oboe. This is a weird piece without a standard time signature. Instead each line has 13 bars with each bar being allocated a certain time span in actual seconds. As can easily be imagined, this makes learning and practicing this piece more of a mathematical exercise than a musical one.

So I wrote him an app to sound out the end of each bar. Once he and his teacher used it, a few more features crept in and now I think it will be of great assistance to any student or teacher trying to work on this piece.

While I doubt that many oboists frequent this web site, it anyone who does can pass this on to any oboist, I would be very grateful, and I think the oboist would be too!

The app is available through the iTunes App Store.
More details are on this page.