The new iPad has a Retina display, meaning that the pixel density is much greater. For some apps, this is a problem as their graphics are now scaled and look pixellated. However Time In Words is very simple. It uses standard fonts and interface widgets with no images or external graphics apart from the icon. The icon may not look perfect on a new iPad, but the display itself should look really great.

I had a report from one user that Time In Words will not work at all on his new iPad. Unfortunately, the email address supplied did not work, so I was unable to contact this person directly. If you are reading this, please contact me again.

The person having the problem did not specify exactly what the problem was, so I don’t know if the app will not start, or if it is not displaying correctly, or if it is showing the wrong times or what.

However I suggested two things to try, and I will list them now in case anyone else is having issues:

  1. Try deleting the app from your iPad and then re-installing from the App Store.
  2. Do a complete reboot of your iPad in case it is running low on memory.

Hopefully one or both of these ideas will solve any problems. They are both good general tricks to try with any problem app.