Possible issues with Icon Builder & Watch icons

It has come to my attention that there are two possible issues with Icon Builder 3.0.1 when using icons created for an Apple Watch app. Once of them is something I can fix and the other appears to be a bug in Xcode 7.2

Quick Score - Tennis

Quick Score: Tennis will be available soon from the iTunes App Store for iPhone and Apple Watch.

Man Reader 1.5

Man Reader has been updated to version 1.5 with a major improvement in the way it looks for available man pages.

Using 19th Hole on the Apple Watch

19th Hole for iPhone and Apple Watch version 3 is now available through the iTunes App Store. This version is a complete re-write to accommodate the changes in iOS 9 and watchOS2.

Dice Pass for Mac

We live in a world of passwords and passphrases and there is a constant struggle between having a secure and a memorable password. As a result, many of us re-use passwords even though we know this is a bad idea.