My Year With Apple Watch

As the Apple Watch hits its first birthday, there seems to be in increasing number of bloggers complaining about it. One (which I refuse to link to) titled “My Year of Hell With the Apple Watch”. I think the article has since been re-published with a slightly less inflammatory title, but really! Did somebody rivet the watch to his wrist? If it was so awful, why not just stop using it?

How To Confuse TestFlight

I ran into an unusual problem when testing my latest app - What Is My Speed. It is now available from the iTunes App Store, but getting there was a struggle.

What Is My Speed?

What Is My Speed? is available now from the iTunes App Store for iPhone and Apple Watch. Track your speed on your iPhone or Apple Watch while driving, bicycling, running or walking. See your course and altitude at all times.

Road Trip Apps

Over the past few months, we have done two long road trips: one approximately 4,000 km and the other about 1,800 km. These gave us the chance to try out various apps for navigation and travel information. We live in Queensland, Australia and some of these comments may be country-specific.

Structs vs Classes

One of the big debates among Swift developers is when to use structs and when to use classes. Classes are the building blocks of object-oriented programming but structs as provided by Swift are newly powerful. Structs have been around in C-based languages for a long time, but Swift has made them more powerful and given them more features so that they are almost indistinguishable from classes. So what are the differences and which one should you use?