Work is a project organizer app for developers, designers, students or any professional who works with multiple projects involving files & folders, web pages, email addresses and lists of tasks.

Work requires macOS 10.12 or OS X 10.11 and will be available from the Mac App Store soon.

We all know what it is like to be in the middle of a project or rushing to complete an assignment…

We have files scattered all over the place, email addresses of team members or clients, web pages with specifications or useful information, tasks scribbled on sticky notes or scraps of paper.

Wouldn’t it be better if there was one place where you could have quick and easy access to all these items, but without having to change the way you work? With the Work app, you can regain control - the app helps you get to what you want so you save time.

Here is the project document you will see when you select Work Help from the Help menu:


It gathers together some useful links to information about Work and my other apps or to allow you to contact me. In Work documents for my apps, I assemble the project files I need to open, images, web page addresses etc. My most frequently used links are starred so I can focus on them whenever I want a shorter list.

Drag files or folders into the window to link them to your Work document. Copy a web address or email address and use Add Web/Email to quickly create a new link entry with the copied address.

Switching to Tasks mode allows you to focus on your tasks list. Tasks can be grouped, re-ordered and marked as complete. Use the View menu to hide completed tasks if you want a more compact list. Use the Edit menu or the toolbar buttons to edit groups - this allows you to create your own custom groupings.

Work - Tasks

Work doesn’t move or rename any of your files - it merely links all these things together for fast, convenient and searchable access. It even tracks files or folders if you move them later.

Make a Work document for every project, drag in the relevant files or folders, add web page addresses and email addresses, make your own task lists.

Create groups to gather items together, adjust the display to view only the entries you want, use quick look to get a fast glimpse of files or web pages.

Work also supports the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pros:

Work - TouchBar

Select Work Help from the Help menu to see the special Work document pictured above. Use the links to keep in touch and step through the sequence of tasks to learn the basics of using the app.