Time In Words is a clock and calendar app that takes you out of the digital era and back to when saying “quarter to seven” or “five past two” was accurate enough. When people look at an analog watch, they tend to interpret the time to the closest five minutes which allows for inaccuracies in the watch as well as providing only a useful level of detail. This app goes back to that, showing date and/or time in multiple ways, but all in words.

Time In Words is available from the App Store.

Does your job involve reading out the time from a clock? Perhaps over the radio or a public address system? Let Time In Words convert the time and date to words for you, so you can’t make a mistake.

Swipe though the pages of the app to see a time display, date display, time and date in words and finally, a time zone converter that explains the time and the day in words, so no conversion is needed to work out whether calling a friend in Minsk right now would be a bad idea.

Configure the colors for the text and backgrounds and adjust the brightness to suit your surroundings.

If you set your device’s Auto-Lock to Never (Settings - General) and leave it connected to power, then you can use this as a clock.

For any problems with this app, please use the Contact Me link in the sidebar.

Screen shots are for iPhone or iPod Touch. iPad is similar but allows four time zone conversions.

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