World Time In Words is a clock and time converter app that takes you away from numbers and shows you the time as a complete sentence. No more worrying about whether it is morning or evening or whether it is yesterday, today or tomorrow in some other part of the world.

Basic display

Do you plan on phoning an overseas friend in the middle of the night? How about scheduling an online meeting with people in different time zones? Or even checking what time the next big keynote will start in your time?

World Time In Words v 5.0 is now available from the App Store.

Set up World Time In Words up with all the time zones you need to check. Scroll through the list to see the local time in each of your selected zones shown as a sentence. This is easier to comprehend and much less prone to error.

If you need to plan a meeting or phone call, tap “What time will it be…”. Use the slider to adjust the hour in your local zone and the corresponding hour in your selected world zones will appear.

What time will it be

Tap the “+” button to add or delete time zones.

Edit zones

Your top three selected time zones can also be added to your Notification Centre as a widget. Click Edit and drag to change the order of time zones in the table to decide which ones appear. Then swipe to your widgets page, scroll to the bottom and click the Edit button to add the Time in Words widget.

Today widget