19th Hole is the golf scoring app for everyone, and it is available from the iTunes App Store.

Whether you are playing for the club championship, having a weekend round with friends or playing pitch’n’putt with the kids, 19th Hole makes it easy to keep score.

Designed for fast, accurate score keeping with a color scheme chosen for optimal outdoor viewing, 19th Hole uses a simple setup process and an intuitive, gesture-based score entry system. During and after the round, you can see totals and results using various methods: total strokes, total putts, match play (Irish match play for more than 2 players) & Stableford.

19th Hole now includes an Apple Watch app so strokes can be entered quickly and easily using the watch to avoid having to pull your iPhone out of your bag.

When you have finished, you can archive the score card for future reference and email the completed card to your fellow players.

Scoring a round is very simple:

  1. Select a course - the last played course is pre-selected.
  2. Select the players - the last set of players is pre-selected.
  3. Tap ‘Start Round’
  4. Optionally enter the players' handicaps - the last used handicaps are pre-selected.
  5. After each hole, enter the strokes played by each person, on your iPhone or Apple Watch.
  6. You can also record putts and various other statistics (iPhone only).


Apple Watch

Courses only need to be entered once and are then saved for future use.
Enter the course name, number of holes and select the tees in use. For each hole, enter the par, index/handicap, and the distance from each tee.

If you are in a hurry to start the round, enter the name of the course and the number of holes. The rest of the data can be entered for each hole as you play, or can be edited later.

Players can be selected from your Contacts or entered manually. Add email addresses so the completed cards can be emailed after the round. Choose an icon for each player. If a player was selected from Contacts, you can use the photo assigned in the Contacts app.


All scores are entered using a special number button that you tap, then drag your finger up or down the screen to raise or lower the number.

Hold your finger down on the number, then move it up or down to change the number displayed. To make it easier to see what you are doing, hold your finger down on the number, then first drag to one side before dragging up or down. Play the video below to see how this works.

During a round, cumulative statistics are shown at the bottom of the screen.
For a more complete score card, you can swipe downwards in the middle of the screen.

Tap on the hole details at the top of the screen to edit that data.

After the game:

While relaxing at “The 19th Hole” after the game, you can check the scores and swipe back and forth between holes to see what happened during the round.

Once you are sure the scores are correct, tap the “Action” button in the top right. You can add some notes to the round at this point or archive the round so that the completed score card is saved on your iPhone. After this, you will not be able to make any further changes.

Completed rounds are listed when you tap “See Old Cards” with the most recent at the top. Tap one to see the complete score card for that round. Tap “Strokes”, “Putts” or “Stableford” to change what is shown for each hole. The summary is shown at the bottom.